Pride v.s. Fundamentalism

Many of the people that I chat with on Twitter feel that people who express pride in Hinduism are being branded as Fundamentalist, "Right" wing, Hindutva, and Fantatic.I think I can kind of see both sides on this one. I understand the fears of the people who are doing that labeling. Sometimes being vocally proud of your religion/beliefs/practices can be a code for wanting yours to be number one and to oppress people with different beliefs. I've seen that happen.I'm pretty far from what … [Read more...]

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Why Do I Call Myself a “Hindu”?

Inevitably online when I refer to myself as a Hindu someone is ready to tell me that that word is incorrect."Hinduism" they say is a word invented by the British. "Hinduism" others say refers to people who live along the Indus river and cannot refer to me. You should be using Sanatana Dharma they tell me.If it comes up in conversation I may tell people that the real word for Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma but in my day to day life I identify with the word "Hindu" and that's what I call … [Read more...]

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I am so proud to be a Hindu that it can sometimes feel frustrating that no one would ever guess that I am one!When you aren't the default religion of those who look like you, it's an interesting experience. Not that people are often thinking and wondering what religion I am, but mostly because it doesn't occur to them that I wouldn't be Christian of one type or another. So then if I want people to know that I'm Hindu, I have to tell them. Which sometimes comes up naturally in conversation, b … [Read more...]

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