Why Ritual Matters (Criticisms of Hinduism Series)

It is amazing to me that people could complain that Hinduism has too many rituals. Apparently these days rituals are out of vogue and and non-religious people scoff at the "superstition" of ritual while religious people emphasize spontaneous prayer.There is a time for spontaneous prayer, certainly, but there's also a time for ritual prayer.To start off with I'd like to address this idea that believing in ritual makes you superstitious. The truth is, we are all superstitious. It's a … [Read more...]

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Punswan: Ritual of Fertilisation

When I was in India I bought a copy of this book about the 16 major life rituals.Previously I talked about the first samskar, garbhadhana and today I want to look at the second samskar: Punswan.This one is performed three months after conception. Though some believe it to be a way to get a male child, this author insists that it is actually calling the life force to enter the womb. It is supposed to help the fetus become physically and mentally balanced. The author says it is very … [Read more...]

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