Meet a Guru: Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi is a very well known Indian guru of the Advaita Vedanata philosophy. He died in 1950 but his quotes and books of his teachings continue to influence people today. (His birth name was Venkataraman Iyer and he is also sometimes called Ramanasramam).BackgroundIt is said that he became self-realized/enlightened by self-reflection (incited by ruminating on his father's death) and did not seek to go out and teach. Rather, students slowly began to flock to him because of his … [Read more...]

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Meet a Sage: Adi Shankara

Shankara is an enormously important figure in Hinduism, most particularly my branch of Advaita Vedanta. He was a brilliant philosopher from a young age and wrote amazing commentaries on all the Hindu scriptures in the 8th century CE.He re-energized the branch of Hinduism known as Advaita or Smartha. He believed that the ultimate reality was one of complete unity.During his young life, he traveled by foot over all of India discussing and spreading his ideas, attempting to unify Hinduism. … [Read more...]

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