Temple Buddy

There is one other member of my family who identifies as Hindu: a cousin a couple years older than me. It's fascinating to me how our different life paths led us to almost exactly the same place! While I learned most of what I know from books and some experimentation, she has had a more authentic experience. Her husband is an Indian Hindu and she lived in India for many years. She speaks several Indian languages fluently and is quite comfortable going to temples and communicating with the … [Read more...]

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What To Wear to a Hindu Temple

Whenever I talk about clothes, someone always mentions that Indian clothes are not the same as Hindu clothes. You don't have to wear a sari or a dhoti to be a Hindu. Which is true, of course.But it gets a little more complicated than that.Because Hinduism is so closely tied to India and became what it is within the backdrop of Indian culture, Indian clothes are pretty ubiquitous at temples. My experience has been that if I don't wear Indian clothes for worship, I feel like a tourist and … [Read more...]

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Your First Visit to a Hindu Temple

The first time you visit a Hindu temple can be overwhelming or intimidating. Let me give you a rundown of what to expect so you'll feel like a pro when you get there...(Men usually prostrate laying their entire body flat)There are sometimes set schedules at Hindu temples, but you don't have to go at a particular time. There might be services such as the morning bathing and dressing of the Gods. You can arrive for those or you can go any time during the day when it is open (the larger … [Read more...]

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Ambaa Gets Married Again: Vedic Wedding Ceremony

Brad and I had a great, though brief, trip to Massachusetts for our Vedic wedding ceremony. (See the previous post for details of our larger intercultural ceremony)It started with a wonderful airport experience. We flew JetBlue and I think that was my first time with them, but it was very nice. I can see why they are known for customer service. Even making the announcements they used as an opportunity to be cheeky and just...human. Plus they gave us cookies and chips as snacks (even though … [Read more...]

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