Sons of Gods: Interview with the Author

sharon maas

Sharon Maas reached out to me to share this retelling of The Mahabharata that she has created. It is called Sons of Gods and is available at Amazon. Reviews praise this version as being a good way to get introduced to what can be a very complicated and confusing story! Ms. Maas also agreed to answer some questions about it for me. Here is her interview...  1) Tell us a little about your background. How did you discover The Mahabharata? What got you interested in Hindu history and … [Read more...]

Potential Causes Our Greatest Disappointments

brad tai chi

It's interesting to notice that if we had no expectations for the future then we would never be disappointed.I wonder if enlightened people living purely in the present moment experience bliss in part because there is nothing for them to feel disappointment over. I also wonder if it even makes sense for that to be a goal.It seems rather inhuman to not place expectation and hope in the future. For example I think death of a loved one wouldn't be upsetting if we weren't thinking about … [Read more...]

A New Case of Appropriation?

Zach Klein -

There's been buzz going around lately about a music video put out by Coldplay featuring Beyonce that is set in India. Brown Girl Magazine asked people for their responses and here are their thoughts...Hymn For the Weekend: Cultural Appropriation or Not?Representation or Appropriation?This article at The Independent rounds up many responses, many of them positive or not seeing what the issue is."These videos, along with Coldplay’s, continue a long, dubious tradition of depicting I … [Read more...]

Maybe Cause You Don’t Understand Eastern Philosophy

star wars

I happened to be watching the fun series "Everything Wrong With..." on Youtube and in the Return of the Jedi one there was a moment where he saw a "sin" that to me is just the basic Hindu philosophy that a lot of Star Wars is based on.(start at 13:32 for just this "sin") How does Luke become dark side if he kills the bad guy? The commentator wonders. Why is giving in to his anger bad when he is facing the evil emperor? How can the light side win if the bad guy is not killed?And here … [Read more...]

Can Good Karma Protect Us From Tragedy?

It has probably always been in human nature to find strategies to prevent bad things from happening to us. Our brains seem wired for superstition. It can quickly become wired to connect two unrelated things like winning a baseball game with wearing certain socks. Those things can't be connected and yet the brain can form a connection as part of this instinct to shield us from anything bad.I think it's easy to fall into that trap when thinking about karma and how it works. I think our brains … [Read more...]

Emotional Masochism


Note: We know that there are problems with the comment system and I'm quite frustrated as I want to hear your thoughts very much! One thing that may help is to pause any adblocker you may have for this site. Please do feel free to go to the "about" tab and contact me to tell me your experiences with the comment section. All information helps us work towards fixing the problem.Over the last several years I have become much more emotionally healthy. I think a lot of us have issues with … [Read more...]

Deja Vu and the Present Moment

how to use japa mala

One day I was reading (if you've never been there, be careful. It will suck you in for hours!) and I came across a story about a condition of more intense than usual deja vu. Instantly I recognized what they were talking about. I hadn't stopped to think much about it but for most of my life I have experienced a lot of deja vu very frequently. It's not nearly as bad as the guy in the article, but I too have an "inception" experience of deja vu. Most times when I get it I also get the … [Read more...]

Hello, 2016


2015 has been a huge year for me. I used to feel like I was behind in life accomplishments and being where I wanted to be. But in the last few years Brad and I have been catching up at an incredible speed! We met, next year we got married, next year we bought a house, next year we got pregnant (we started trying, in all honesty, a little bit before we got married!).In 2015 I went back to India for my second trip there. I felt the spiritual energy like never before and got a blessing from my … [Read more...]

Yoga and Cultural Appropriation


This is a big topic right now and there's a lot to discuss. It came up particularly recently when some students at a university questioned whether the campus yoga class was appropriative. I think it was a very good thing to wonder and to bring up. I'm proud of them for asking the question. I have been very lucky to be approached with a guest post from Pierce Salguero, who studies issues like this from a Historian's perspective. The post originally appeared on Bio: I am … [Read more...]