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What were people enjoying last month? Google Analytics has the answer! Hinduism 101: What Do Hindus Believe I don't know why it took me so long to put something like this together. It's easy for me to forget that there's lots of new people who are just starting to wonder about the very basics of Hinduism and there's not a lot of easy to digest information out there. People are searching to know what Hinduism is and they want to start with the real, real basics. I discovered this when a … [Read more...]

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Hinduism 101: What do Hindus Believe?

I've been perusing through Yahoo answers and it seems like every page or so someone is asking "What do Hindus believe?" Quite an enormous question!I tried to find a post of mine to direct the questioners to, but found nothing. It seems I have not done a broad overview post for those entirely unfamiliar with Hinduism.So here it is: the big overview...  What is Hinduism and What Do Hindus Believe First of all, Hinduism is a word that is used to refer to a vast variety of people and … [Read more...]

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