At Ganapati’s Feet: book review

I was sent this delightful little book by the author in return for an honest review. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was totally inspired by him.At Ganapati's Feet by David Dillard-Wright It has the simple eloquence that cuts right through you just like so many of Hinduism's great spiritual leaders. It reminds me a lot of reading Eswaran commentary. The first part is the author's story of how he became connected to Sri Ganesha along with some thoughts about Hindu philosophy. For e … [Read more...]

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Personal Stories of Hindu Gurus

A tradition that encourages complete devotion and worship of a human teacher is ripe for exploitation.I believe in gurus, but I also believe in always keeping your eyes open to make sure that you aren't being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous one. [ has an excellent post on avoiding fake swamis]When we think we have found the answers, or found someone who has the answers, it can be easy to dismiss things we are uncomfortable with. I believe in spiritual teachers, but I … [Read more...]

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Everyone Should Be a Minority

I got asked the other day why, since I get grumpy in December in America, I just move to a country where Hinduism is in the majority. Like it's that simple! I get frustrated about one thing during one time of the year and therefore I should give up my home and everything that I love about America? Uh, no.But it got me thinking.For many of you coming here, you may not have ever experienced what it's like to be the minority religion where you live.People reading in India are having … [Read more...]

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True Story of a False Guru

The American Buddhist blog has a very interesting article that really fits the theme of yesterday's post about being careful about what guru you follow.He speaks about a documentary movie where a disillusioned Hindu man sets out to prove that gurus can be anyone, whether qualified or not. It apparently examines the current landscape of American spirituality, particularly in the "yoga movement."I'm very interested to see this movie! Thus builds the climax of the film: Kumare’s “ … [Read more...]

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