Where Does a White Hindu Start?

The big question for a lot of native Hindus is, how does anyone not born to Hinduism learn about it enough to become a Hindu?I'm not the very best example of this since I'm a bit of a hybrid. I grew up listening to Sanskrit prayers, having Mahabharata bed time stories, and seeing my parents meditate. On the other hand, I didn't know when I was a child that any of these things were associated with Hinduism.There are plenty of other non-Indian Hindus today who didn't grow up with it at … [Read more...]

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Great to Meet You, Come On In!

Hello, everyone!I'm so pleased to be setting up my little space on the Internet here at Patheos.Let me tell you a little about myself.My name is Ambaa and I'm a Hindu, but I'm not Indian. My family background is Irish Catholic.As you may have guessed, Ambaa is not the name given to me by my parents. Rather, it's the name that I've become known as within my faith community and on the Internet where I've been blogging for the last three years (rather irregularly) … [Read more...]

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