Krishna Janmashtami / Gokulasthami 2014

Krishna's birthday this year falls on the day before my wedding anniversary! (August 17th) Seems pretty auspicious to me.We won't be able to do the event that we usually go to, though. Most years we go to the ISKCON temple for their huge celebration. But this year we're going to be at a family reunion in Canada. I'll have to bring a Krishna icon with me and see what I can do to honor Him while I'm there.This is the first Krishna Janmashtami since I started an Etsy store last year. I have … [Read more...]

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Happy Birthday, Krishna! (Krishna Janmashtami)

Tomorrow is the celebration of Krishna's birthday!He is said to have been born at Midnight and it is traditional to fast and hold vigil all night, then celebrate at midnight.Ways To Celebrate:-Place an image of the baby or child Krishna in a prominent place in your home, perhaps in a cradle or hammock.-Decorate your home and altar with fresh flowers-Watch movies or plays about young Krishna's life (Krishna Leela)-Set up an obstacle course to reach a pot of butter since … [Read more...]

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