A Book For Learning Pujas and Prayers

I discovered this book browsing Amazon and last week I ordered it to see what it's like...I have to tell you, this is a really cool book!It's designed to teach children puja steps and prayers to various Gods, so it is clear and bright and easy to read. Unfortunately, in the Amazon version it does not come with the audio CD for hearing the pronunciation of the Sanskrit. Another version is available from their website.There is lots of detail about pujas and how to perform each … [Read more...]

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Mantra v.s. Prayer: What’s the Difference?

There are a number of set prayers, like the Vedic prayers, that are said in Sanskrit. Then there are sanskrit verses called mantras used for meditation or for a change in one's life. Certain mantras are given as formulas for a better marriage or better fertility.What makes something a prayer rather than a mantra? What makes something a mantra?Here's the big difference: In a mantra, the pronunciation is critical.The Sanskrit mantras were created with sacred vibrations in mind. The … [Read more...]

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