I’m Allowed to Like Hymns

I'm really big on respecting every individual's choice to practice the religion that makes him happy. Hinduism is my home and it is the religion that I love, but I am well aware that my experience of life is far from average. I'm more than a bit odd. So I have lots of practice in knowing that what works for me, and what is good for me is not what is going to work for everyone.There are many, many people who feel fulfilled by Christianity or by Islam or by another religion. I don't begrudge … [Read more...]

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Religion is a Drug

I don't mean that in a "religion is the opiate of the masses" kind of way, but I realized recently that there is nothing like the blissful high of joining with a faith community and singing.Every Saturday that we can manage it, we walk the half mile to the Sathya Sai Baba group and sing bhajans for an hour.I throw myself into the songs and my voice, along with my spirit, feels lifted up by the voices all around me. It is the greatest experience I've ever felt.Even on days when I feel … [Read more...]

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