Hindu/Scottish: Ambaa’s Epic Wedding Post

My wedding weekend kicked off on Thursday August 15th with a dinner with my parents, brother, and mother-in-law. Friday my parents had lunch with my father-in-law and my brother joined Brad's 12 hour bachelor party (it started noon on Friday and went until a bit past midnight!) Meanwhile my parents and I went to pick up relatives at the airport and have dinner with them.Back at my apartment, my cousin Emily, a talented makeup artist from Los Angeles (check out her page Emily Does Makeup), p … [Read more...]

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Hindu Woman on Bravo’s Show The First Year

Bravo has a new TV show that is exactly the sort of thing I love to watch! It's a reality show where four couples are followed through their first year of marriage.Not only is that exactly the sort of thing I watch, but there's even an Indian woman in one of the couples.Her name is Tina and she's a pop singer.You can watch the first episode here: http://www.hulu.com/watch/486883It's great to see the clips from their wedding. She's marrying a white man and though her father isn't … [Read more...]

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The Truth About Wedding Planning

Actually, the truth is, the experience is different for everyone. We all have different ideas about what we want our wedding day to be like and different relationships with the key players who will make it happen.So here is my real experience of wedding planning:Stress? No, not really.All you ever hear about is how stressful it is to plan a wedding. Perhaps it's because I'm not detail oriented and I really focus on big picture in almost every aspect of my life, but I haven't found it … [Read more...]

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Wedding Cake!

I'm surprisingly excited about having a wedding cake. It has never been in my plan just because it seemed like an unnecessary expense, yet given the opportunity to get one, I am totally thrilled!It seems like one of those quintessential wedding experiences.Brad's friend, Kee, at GotteGris Bakery, is creating our cake and she's going to Hindu theme it!Maybe like one of these cakes that I think I saw on Pinterest (Also, I have a Wedding Pinterest board and it's got a lot of cool things … [Read more...]

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