A New Case of Appropriation?

There's been buzz going around lately about a music video put out by Coldplay featuring Beyonce that is set in India. Brown Girl Magazine asked people for their responses and here are their thoughts...Hymn For the Weekend: Cultural Appropriation or Not?Representation or Appropriation?This article at The Independent rounds up many responses, many of them positive or not seeing what the issue is."These videos, along with Coldplay’s, continue a long, dubious tradition of depicting I … [Read more...]

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Book Club: How to Become a Hindu (Chapter Nine)

The well respected Himalayan Academy and their guru Subramuniyaswami put out a book several years ago called How To Become a Hindu. Over the next few weeks I'll be reading the chapters and discussing each one individually. Today we're looking at the ninth chapter: Embracing Hindu Culture(Book can also be downloaded free here: http://www.himalayanacademy.com/view/how-to-become-a-hindu)This guru has had a profound impact on my identity as a Hindu. Not through this book, but through his … [Read more...]

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Interviews with Americans of Indian Ethnicity: Pava

My friend Pava is someone that I see frequently in real life and I find her to be very thoughtful about all the issues of faith, religion, culture, and self-expression. When I first met her, I was a little afraid that she wouldn't like me; that she would find me offensive. Instead we became fast friends and speak often about religion. She is Jain and today in her interview she'll explain a little bit about how that's different from Hinduism.1) Tell us about you and your family. Were you … [Read more...]

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In Which I Take a Joke Too Seriously

In response to my post about why I am called the "white" Hindu, someone linked this hilarious skit about white people who take trying to be South Asian too far...I had to laugh out loud even though, yeah, I do recognize myself in her (and I haven't even got the excuse of an Indian husband!) After cringing and laughing, I started to think (as I often do) and I wondered what is it about this behavior that makes us all uncomfortable?Let's be honest, this is a satire and is meant to … [Read more...]

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