Vasant Panchami: Happy Birthday, Saraswati! [Hindu Holiday]

Vasant Panchami, sometimes also called Basant Panchami, is a festival that welcomes the spring and it is also Saraswati's birthday, so it is a time to celebrate learning and study plus an auspicious time to begin any academic pursuit. This year it falls on February 4th. The name means the fifth day of Spring.Long ago this festival was more focused on Kamadeva, the Hindu cupid. It still has a sense of love and is kind of like a Valentine's day. Ways to Celebrate *Place books near your … [Read more...]

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OAMC: Once a Month Cooking for the Hindu

Once-a-month-cooking is a trend among the frugal and stay-at-home mom blogs I love to read. The idea is that you set aside a day to prep a ton of meals and put them all in the freezer so that you can feed your family for a month without having to cook every day.From a Hindu perspective this idea is a bit problematic. Leftovers are not considered good food. Ideally in a Hindu home, full meals are prepared fresh every day. This goes back to the concept of the gunas, the "qualities" in all … [Read more...]

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