Ambaa Gets Married Again: Vedic Wedding Ceremony

Brad and I had a great, though brief, trip to Massachusetts for our Vedic wedding ceremony. (See the previous post for details of our larger intercultural ceremony)It started with a wonderful airport experience. We flew JetBlue and I think that was my first time with them, but it was very nice. I can see why they are known for customer service. Even making the announcements they used as an opportunity to be cheeky and just...human. Plus they gave us cookies and chips as snacks (even though … [Read more...]

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Hindu/Scottish: Ambaa’s Epic Wedding Post

My wedding weekend kicked off on Thursday August 15th with a dinner with my parents, brother, and mother-in-law. Friday my parents had lunch with my father-in-law and my brother joined Brad's 12 hour bachelor party (it started noon on Friday and went until a bit past midnight!) Meanwhile my parents and I went to pick up relatives at the airport and have dinner with them.Back at my apartment, my cousin Emily, a talented makeup artist from Los Angeles (check out her page Emily Does Makeup), p … [Read more...]

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Flowers for A Hindu Wedding

For my wedding I'm not looking for the usual. I don't want bouquets or boutonnieres. What flowers do Hindu weddings have?1) Jai Mala garlands (also called Var mala)When a Hindu bride and groom come together, they usually exchange flower garlands that are like giant leis.     This blog has a tutorial on how you can make your own strands of carnations: (They recommend 20 carnations per foot of garland)If creating … [Read more...]

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How to Dance At My Wedding

I've put together my own playlist on my iPod for the wedding. Now, most of the music is not Indian. There's a lot of 90s, current pop, and geek "spoof" songs like Roll a D6 and Mario Kart Love Song. And then there's the wonderful blend of both geeky and Indian: Game On by The Guild. But there are also a few Bollywood and maybe one or two Bhangra songs. (Anyone have any song suggestions for me?)My ability to dance to Indian music is pretty limited, so I want to brush up on some basic … [Read more...]

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Hindu Woman on Bravo’s Show The First Year

Bravo has a new TV show that is exactly the sort of thing I love to watch! It's a reality show where four couples are followed through their first year of marriage.Not only is that exactly the sort of thing I watch, but there's even an Indian woman in one of the couples.Her name is Tina and she's a pop singer.You can watch the first episode here:'s great to see the clips from their wedding. She's marrying a white man and though her father isn't … [Read more...]

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