Book Review: Saffron Cross

I am delighted to have been given a review copy of Saffron Cross: the unlikely story of how a Christian Minister married a Hindu Monk.It's a memoir that I first heard about on Twitter and Patheos Book Club gave me the chance to review it. The book when it arrived was smaller than I expected, but it turned out to be densely packed with insight and spiritual growth. I thought I'd finish it in a day, but it took a week of solid reading! I found myself making notes and underlining … [Read more...]

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I’m Not A “Gori Wife”

There is an entire genre of blogs that are often known as the "Gori Wife Blogs." Gori is a Hindi word for white person and it can be derogative. Some people decided to sort-of "take back" the term and apply it proudly to themselves. Others would fit into the category but don't like to use the word "Gori." However, the word itself isn't my point today.The "Gori Wife" blogs are written by non-Indian women who marry Indian men (Not all are Hindu. Some are Muslim or Sikh).There are lots of … [Read more...]

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