Mormons: a follow up

I apologize to my new Mormon friends that your efforts have not converted me. I have been open-minded and I'm glad that I was because it is wonderful to learn about other people and other beliefs. More knowledge can't be a bad thing, in my opinion.I also think there's a big benefit in interfaith dialog because we can pool our resources and see different sides and aspects of God. Together we might get a more complete picture than alone.However.We did agree to go and visit the … [Read more...]

A Visit with Mormons

The last time a pair of Mormon missionaries knocked on my door (two years ago), I was not in the mood. I shortly told them that I had a religion already and I was very happy with it. They asked if I would tell them about it and I declined, suspecting that they were not going to be truly listening or learning anything about Hinduism.But last week two girls knocked on my door and I didn't feel as forceful or annoyed as I had before. Maybe because they were women, they put me at ease. Maybe … [Read more...]

I’m Not A “Gori Wife”


There is an entire genre of blogs that are often known as the "Gori Wife Blogs." Gori is a Hindi word for white person and it can be derogative. Some people decided to sort-of "take back" the term and apply it proudly to themselves. Others would fit into the category but don't like to use the word "Gori." However, the word itself isn't my point today.The "Gori Wife" blogs are written by non-Indian women who marry Indian men (Not all are Hindu. Some are Muslim or Sikh).There are lots of … [Read more...]

Hindus and Christmas

hindu christmas

There are many, many Hindus who don't feel defensive about the holidays of other religions and happily join in celebrations for any festival. It is often said that Indians love to celebrate and will participate in any holiday that's available!It strikes me that you must be really secure and confident in your religion to be able to embrace and enjoy the holidays of other religions. I strive to be that way.For me it's hit or miss. Each year around Christmas is different for me. Some … [Read more...]

I Stand For Love

Apparently I've attracted the attention of some Hindus who have gotten the impression that I'm somehow anti-Hindu. O.oI'm very confused about this entire situation. I'm now being told that I'm going to be written about and "exposed." What about, I'm not sure. Apparently because I have not encouraged people to kill Muslims??? Maybe?My heart aches for my brothers and sisters suffering violence in this world. I am so sorry to know that anyone is hurting, whether Hindu or not. I don't know … [Read more...]

How To Have An Interfaith Dialog

No, I'm not going to be giving lessons on how to have a productive interfaith dialog!I want to hear from you. What tips and ideas do you have for how to make an interfaith dialog respectful and productive?I'm here on Patheos where interfaith dialog is in the mission statement. I want to be able to have these discussions. Yet it is difficult to overcome¬†defensiveness¬†and unfortunately I have been subjected to enough slimy and underhanded attempts to discredit my religion in order to get m … [Read more...]

Karma: Misunderstood


The concept of karma is something that people seem to have a lot of misunderstanding about. The comments on my post about verse five of the Isha Upanishads inspired me to talk a little bit about it. These are big, big concepts. There aren't quick and simple answers here because in order to understand someone else's religion and beliefs, you do have to be able to set aside your own and see through that person's eyes. The Hindu way of looking at sin and punishment is just so completely different … [Read more...]