Krishna and Jesus Are Not the Same

I like the idea of showing that Jesus is not a special snowflake and unique in world mythology, but so far when people try to show proto-Jesus "myths" they get all the facts wrong and I'm getting pretty sick of the misinformation.It's not hard to find stories of the birth of Krishna and yet in all these articles I see absolutely incorrect information about it.This week I saw one that made claims such as Krishna was born in a manager (in reality he was born in a prison), that his mother … [Read more...]

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Who Is Krishna?

If you know nothing else about Hinduism, you probably have at least heard of Krishna.His name shows up in religious circles but also in pop culture. He's one of the most recognizable figures in Hinduism with his blue skin and his flute.Who is Krishna?StoriesThe life of Krishna is divided up into three distinct parts. There's the stories of the baby Krishna and his mischievousness and miracles, then there are the stories of the teenage Krishna and his way with the cow herding … [Read more...]

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