The Misunderstanding of Me

"I alone am Brahma" -Ribhu Gita"No one comes to the Father but through Me" -Jesus, the Bible"Controlling the mind and fixing it on Me, sit in meditation with Me as your only goal." -Krishna, Bhagavad GitaIf you believe that the speakers of these sentences were speaking of "Me" as their own individual current embodiment then you'd become an exclusivist, believing that there's only  image of God that will get you to your goal (heaven, moksha, etc.) But considering that different people … [Read more...]

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A Day In The Life of a Religious Minority

(Note: I am on my honeymoon this week, so if your comment doesn't show up right away, give me a day or two!)There are some ways in which I have privledge in this society and other ways in which I definitely don't. Religious privledge is something I'm lacking and so it is interesting to me to see those who do have it calling me too sensitive or silly or disrespectful to their religious rights.Let's do a little exercise. I will tell you a little about what it's like to be a non-Christian … [Read more...]

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Krishna is a Myth; Jesus is a Myth

A lot of times religious people get very upset at the suggestion that figures and stories about their religion might be more mythical than literally and historically true. I'm not sure why this is.I guess people feel like it legitimizes their religion. For those who need their religion to be seen as the best one or the only "real" one in the world, being able to say that their saint or prophet actually lived while others did not must help them bolster their belief that it is real.I don't … [Read more...]

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What I Don’t Get About Christianity

The comments on my Christmas post are getting to me. I'll tell you why I'm offended: because I have a close connection with God. I feel God with me in every moment of my life and Christians like Avi do not think that's possible because they have an exclusive "in" with God. They think they have to pray on my behalf (God: "I was going to send Ambaa to hell for all eternity, but I guess if you say she's all right, I'll show her some grace.") They think that I'm missing out on some profound … [Read more...]

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Did I Start as a Christian?

Sometimes in life we see things really simplified. But rarely are things actually that simple.When we hear about someone who isn't Indian, who grew up in America, and is now practicing Hinduism, our first thought is that person must have started out Christian or Jewish. We tend to think of the world divided between east and west and the west is all Christian and Jewish while the east is all Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist.But of course, we know that's not true.There are Indians who have … [Read more...]

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