Panel: Honoring or Appropriation?

My friend Andrea is often my consultant when it comes to issues of cultural mis-appropriation. She and my husband were the first to teach me about these issues. I have learned so much from both of them about racism and how what I do could be seen as inappropriate or stealing. I am so grateful for their input!Andrea found this wonderful podcast and sent it to me. It is a panel discussion among Pagans of various traditions (and a white devotee of Kali!) about cultural misappropriation. This is … [Read more...]

Supernatural, the TV show


My friend and I recently started watching Supernatural, a show that we had somehow never heard of even though it began in 2005!It starts out being about two brothers who hunt ghosts and monsters and the writing is excellent. We found it to be immediately very compelling. As it has gone on, it's morphed into a larger plot and currently (up to where we have so far watched) the Christian Apocalypse is going on.The episode we saw this week (Episode 19 in season 5: Hammer of the Gods) it se … [Read more...]

Meet a Goddess: Kali


Kali is a powerfully interesting goddess. She defies expectation and turns cultural expectations on their heads. A modern woman can really relate to her life outside of social norms.She is not beautiful by the standards of society. She is full of the kind of female power that terrifies most people.Kali is a goddess of death, of time, of change. She is often shown with blood dripping from her mouth and the severed heads of men decorating her … [Read more...]