Get Ready for Navratri!

Another one of my favorite holidays, it's almost Navratri time. The festival starts October 13th and goes for nine days until October 21st. One of the traditions that I love most is the Southern tradition of collecting and displaying of golu (of kolu) dolls. It's like a Hindu version of doing a Christmas village, which is such a fun way to dress up your house for the special occasion.Traditionally what you do is get a series of steps in an odd number (3, 5, 7, 9, or 11) and put your murti … [Read more...]

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Happy Navratri!

Today is the first day of Navratri 2014. I'd like to point out that my little puppy dog decided to participate this year and added her bone to my golu display: Here's the whole Golu... This year I didn't have a chance to put on a whole theme and make a village scene, etc. We just bought a house two weeks ago and I've been super busy getting it ready to move in! (Which happened yesterday!) The Madam Alexander bride and groom dolls were a wedding gift from Brad's aunt. As soon as I saw them I … [Read more...]

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The Biggest Golu Displays

Golu/Kolu doll displays for Navratri are a South Indian thing and I've become connected to the tradition because nearly all the other Hindus I know are South Indian and most of the communities are participate in are South Indian.I love this tradition. I love having something to collect and a purpose for it. I love thinking up themes and displaying my collection. I look forward to someday sharing this tradition with my children and having them help me pick themes and make dolls.Today I … [Read more...]

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Make Your Own Golu Dolls

I'm a big crafter (as you can probably tell)! The techniques I've been working with the longest are crochet and knit. If you're a crocheter like me, you can easily make little figures for your Golu doll display using the technique called amigurumi (a Japanese style for making little figures of all kinds).There's no end to the possibilities. You can make anything with amigurumi technique! Here are some examples (click the pictures to go to the free … [Read more...]

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Collecting Golu Dolls

My mom and my dad's sisters collect Christmas figurines.  Manger scene figures to create Christmas scenes in December. It can be nice for adult sisters and sister-in-laws to have collectibles that make for easy gifts. Relatives who aren't too sure what you might want, know they can always get you a new figure for your tableaux.The figurines expand well beyond the traditional baby in a manger with parents and some angels and wise men. There are whole houses and villagers and farmers and … [Read more...]

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