Project 333 Update

It's been three months since I pared my closet down to 33 items and put the rest away in the storage closet. That means it is time to take out all my clothes again and pick another 33 for the next three months.How I did I do?Well, I cheated a little bit. I did end up pulling a few things out of my storage closet for particular events. I also really discovered that I need to do laundry a lot more often. There were too many times of LITERALLY nothing in my closet to wear. A completely … [Read more...]

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Project 333

As I've mentioned before, I love reading "frugal" lifestyle blogs and I'm all about trying to live a simple and mindful life. One of the big stressers in my life is any feeling of excess "stuff." Every piece of clutter feels like it's dragging down my calm and needling at me constantly. There's nothing more peaceful than a tidy room, in my experience!I'm not sure how we have the amount of clutter we do. I know I don't need or even want much in the way of stuff and yet my home always seems to … [Read more...]

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