Why Can’t We Have Certainty?

It's scary to admit doubt.I don't want anyone to think me less of a Hindu because deep in my heart I have fear. I wonder if it's all true. I wonder if I'm wrong and death will be nothing but an ending or an emptiness.Some people seem so very certain of their Gods and their beliefs. I wish I could be that way. I wish I could rest in the certainty that death is only a new beginning. But I'm afraid.It's frustrating that there are no solid answers in this life. We have no proof of any … [Read more...]

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Cloud Atlas: Does a Movie with Reincarnation Succeed?

I was intrigued by the previews for Cloud Atlas, which seemed to promise a story of reincarnation, but I heard mixed things when it came out.I rented it recently and I am really glad that I did. I absolutely loved it. Just the weaving of the stories alone was masterful. Take it from a trained novelist, that is not easy to do!The same actors played different embodiments of the same soul and there was variety in those experiences as well as some behaviors that were prevalent in all that … [Read more...]

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