Death of a Friend: Six Years Later

Every year on the anniversary of her death I hope to introduce new people to my best friend Ilana. She was a bright light in the world, full of joy and life and passion. We lost her very suddenly. One day she was here on earth and the next she was gone, leaving an incredible void in many lives. It's still hard to believe that she's really gone, that I will never hear her laugh again.I called her and left a voice message on the day she died. She may have already been gone while I was … [Read more...]

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On Death

This might be the biggest subject religion ever has to tackle. Death as the ending of a cycle gives purpose to our lifespan and yet it is also an incredible unknown (and heading into something unknown is, frankly, terrifying).There's a lot that Hinduism has to say about death...Death is an illusion. Our real selves are immortal. Death is like going back stage after a show before coming out for the next one. Time is an illusion and all things that have ever been, are now. Death is … [Read more...]

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