What I Will Tell My Children About Love

Love is something that I have a shaky understanding of. My parents are practical, grounded scientists and I don’t recall talking much about love. Not as a child. Though by the time I was a teenager, I was getting some intense messages about it from the culture around me.No, I don’t mean American popular culture. I mean the spiritual organization I grew up in.In the general American culture it seems that the way people understand love is that it is a feeling and it needs to be sta … [Read more...]

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I Stand For Love

Apparently I've attracted the attention of some Hindus who have gotten the impression that I'm somehow anti-Hindu. O.oI'm very confused about this entire situation. I'm now being told that I'm going to be written about and "exposed." What about, I'm not sure. Apparently because I have not encouraged people to kill Muslims??? Maybe?My heart aches for my brothers and sisters suffering violence in this world. I am so sorry to know that anyone is hurting, whether Hindu or not. I don't know … [Read more...]

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