The Truth About Married Life: One Month In

Before I got married I heard three different things:1) Some people said that everything changes. It's a huge shift in your life and you really feel it.2) Some people said that nothing changes and nothing feels different.3) Some people said that there was a subtle shift and a deeper sense of security.I really thought that I would be number three. I was sure that getting married would make me feel something new. Particularly because it's something that has been on my list of top … [Read more...]

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Hindu/Scottish: Ambaa’s Epic Wedding Post

My wedding weekend kicked off on Thursday August 15th with a dinner with my parents, brother, and mother-in-law. Friday my parents had lunch with my father-in-law and my brother joined Brad's 12 hour bachelor party (it started noon on Friday and went until a bit past midnight!) Meanwhile my parents and I went to pick up relatives at the airport and have dinner with them.Back at my apartment, my cousin Emily, a talented makeup artist from Los Angeles (check out her page Emily Does Makeup), p … [Read more...]

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Wedding Inspiration

Time to get started on wedding planning for my interfaith/intercultural Hindu and Scottish wedding! It's going to be... interesting.The first step, I think, is to get inspiration and ideas. To see how my thoughts can integrate into a cohesive whole.Here are a few great finds from the comments on my wedding announcement post of non-Indian Hindu weddings! I said I hadn't ever seen a Hindu wedding where neither the bride nor the groom was non-Indian and our friends pipped up with a couple … [Read more...]

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