Finding Meaning in Death

For a while, you're a lucky person who has never had anyone close to you die. You feel bad for friends who have struggled with a tragedy. You wish them well. You don't relate to what they're going through. You are the star of the show that is your life and these tragedies are subplots to your story. Always happening to someone else.Then one day death becomes part of your story.It surprises you; going from person who is good at comforting and caring for others through losses to being the … [Read more...]

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On Death

This might be the biggest subject religion ever has to tackle. Death as the ending of a cycle gives purpose to our lifespan and yet it is also an incredible unknown (and heading into something unknown is, frankly, terrifying).There's a lot that Hinduism has to say about death...Death is an illusion. Our real selves are immortal. Death is like going back stage after a show before coming out for the next one. Time is an illusion and all things that have ever been, are now. Death is … [Read more...]

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