What Does Namaste Really Mean?

It gives me a bit of a twitch when I see people giving super poetic translations of the greeting "Namaste." Sometimes people say to me, "Wow, isn't it amazing how much meaning can be packed into one word like that?" and I say, "No. That meaning might be implied but it's not what the word literally means."A translation of "My divine soul recognizes the divine soul in you" is lovely and very much in keeping with Hindu belief. But the word by itself translates directly as "I bow to … [Read more...]

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Movie Discussion: Namastey London

This week I watched Namastey London on recommendation from a friend who knows I'm trying to get better at Hindi.Despite what could have been a very dark theme, it's actually a bright and light film.The main character reminds me of Aunt Robin from How I Met Your Mother for some reason. They have a similar expressions that they give.  This is kind of the horror story of what can happen for western-born desis. Agree to go back to India for a vacation with your … [Read more...]

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Hinduism 101: What do Hindus Believe?

I've been perusing through Yahoo answers and it seems like every page or so someone is asking "What do Hindus believe?" Quite an enormous question!I tried to find a post of mine to direct the questioners to, but found nothing. It seems I have not done a broad overview post for those entirely unfamiliar with Hinduism.So here it is: the big overview...  What is Hinduism and What Do Hindus Believe First of all, Hinduism is a word that is used to refer to a vast variety of people and … [Read more...]

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