Sringeri Week: The Guru Knows My Name!

A big change is coming up in my life!When we arrived at Sringeri (location of my guru, His Holiness Sri Bharati Tirtha) some of the people who were helping coordinate our stay called me Ambaa. It must have been my new friend Sundar who told them about my Hindu name. In real life only one or two people call me that.I've debated internally for years about my name and whether I should officially change it. After all, it is pretty standard practice when converting to any religion to take on … [Read more...]

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Does a New Religion Mean a New Name?

It's pretty common when someone converts to a religion to take a name that lines up with the new religion's traditions. Even though Hinduism doesn't always support the notion of "convert" you can still see a number of non-Indian Hindus who traded names from other traditions for Hindu names. Ram Dass, for example.You know me as Ambaa, but I am not called that in real life.I've said before that I don't want to disrespect my parents by rejecting the name they gave me.On the other hand, … [Read more...]

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