Navratri Holiday Party!

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It was a hectic week last week. Had to do a lot of work to make sure I've got health insurance in the coming year. But I think we've done it! I'm so grateful to my friend Sarah who helped me every step of the way, even bringing her two little kids to the health office so I could get signed up in person. But today it is time to celebrate. Brad's school is having their holiday party and I'm so proud of him that for the winter holiday party he and his class decided on a Navratri theme. Okay, … [Read more...]

My Navratri 2015


I have a very good friend who is Gujarati and she invited me to join her and her fiance at a Gujarati Samaj event in our area. I didn't know about this organization. I'll have to learn more about them and maybe go to more events. This was a huge event, a garba dance for Navratri.We all got dressed up and went out for Indian food (to fit the theme). Then we showed up at the dance where there were HUNDREDS of people dancing in a beautiful and wild circle. I adore the chaos and the energy of … [Read more...]

My Navratri Golu 2015

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First of all I wanted to give a quick update about the health insurance. A friend of a friend got us in touch with an insurance broker and so she'll be able to get us insurance starting in the new year (Jan 2016) and we'll never have to deal with MD Health Connection again with any luck. The broker said she's heard many, many horror stories and a lawyer friend said he wouldn't be surprised if there was a class action lawsuit against them at some point. Okay, on to the fun stuff. I did a … [Read more...]

Get Ready for Navratri!


Another one of my favorite holidays, it's almost Navratri time. The festival starts October 13th and goes for nine days until October 21st. One of the traditions that I love most is the Southern tradition of collecting and displaying of golu (of kolu) dolls. It's like a Hindu version of doing a Christmas village, which is such a fun way to dress up your house for the special occasion.Traditionally what you do is get a series of steps in an odd number (3, 5, 7, 9, or 11) and put your murti … [Read more...]

Saraswati: Everything You Need to Know


For Navratri this year (2014), October 2nd is the day to worship Saraswati...Saraswati (Saara-swa-ti) is the Goddess of art, music, philosophy, creativity, wisdom and learning. She is the consort of Brahma. Why Worship Saraswati* Stories * Symbolism * Holidays * How She Is Worshiped * Mantras and BhajansWhy Worship Saraswati It is good to pray to Saraswati before tests or when seeking to become knowledgeable about something new. She gives blessings to people in pursuit of knowledge or … [Read more...]

Happy Navratri!


Today is the first day of Navratri 2014. I'd like to point out that my little puppy dog decided to participate this year and added her bone to my golu display: Here's the whole Golu... This year I didn't have a chance to put on a whole theme and make a village scene, etc. We just bought a house two weeks ago and I've been super busy getting it ready to move in! (Which happened yesterday!) The Madam Alexander bride and groom dolls were a wedding gift from Brad's aunt. As soon as I saw them I … [Read more...]

Parvati: Everything You Need to Know


In honor of Navratri...Parvati is a family Goddess, known for her wifely devotion to Lord Shiva. She has many other names and aspects. Often Durga, Shakti, and Kali might be considered other forms of Parvati. Why Worship Parvati * Stories * Symbolism * Holidays * How She Is Worshiped * Mantras and BhajansWhy Worship Parvati? As a Goddess of family and love, she is the one to turn to for help with marriage, parenting, and fertility. She has remarkable strength and determination. Som … [Read more...]

The Biggest Golu Displays

Golu/Kolu doll displays for Navratri are a South Indian thing and I've become connected to the tradition because nearly all the other Hindus I know are South Indian and most of the communities are participate in are South Indian.I love this tradition. I love having something to collect and a purpose for it. I love thinking up themes and displaying my collection. I look forward to someday sharing this tradition with my children and having them help me pick themes and make dolls.Today I … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Golu Dolls

amigurumi gandalf

I'm a big crafter (as you can probably tell)! The techniques I've been working with the longest are crochet and knit. If you're a crocheter like me, you can easily make little figures for your Golu doll display using the technique called amigurumi (a Japanese style for making little figures of all kinds).There's no end to the possibilities. You can make anything with amigurumi technique! Here are some examples (click the pictures to go to the free … [Read more...]