Visiting in MA

Brad and I have come to Massachusetts to celebrate my mom's birthday. After a family brunch, we went out to a kirtan singing that my mom put together with her friend Lata (I'm pretty certain that if you're Indian and you live in MA, you know Lata).As we sat and sang, Lata's gorgeous voice blending with her harmonium, it struck me how very lucky I am to have this family.So many non-Indian new Hindus that I speak to are dealing with families who don't know anything about Hinduism, who are … [Read more...]

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Casting Call: New Hindus Ages 16-24

I got a message on my Facebook page from a casting director who is working on a show about religious conversion. I'm sure they won't have much trouble finding people to talk about joining Judaism, or Christianity, or Islam, but it might be more challenging to find people who can talk about becoming Hindu.I really want us to be represented!So if you are new to Hinduism or fairly new and between ages 16 and 24, I hope you'll consider getting in touch with the casting director. I'm not sure … [Read more...]

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Book Club: How to Become a Hindu (Chapter Nine)

The well respected Himalayan Academy and their guru Subramuniyaswami put out a book several years ago called How To Become a Hindu. Over the next few weeks I'll be reading the chapters and discussing each one individually. Today we're looking at the ninth chapter: Embracing Hindu Culture(Book can also be downloaded free here: guru has had a profound impact on my identity as a Hindu. Not through this book, but through his … [Read more...]

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Book Coming Soon: The New Hindu Toolkit

I've mentioned now and then that I'm working on a new book and now it is almost ready to be released.My previous book was a collection of posts from my blogger blog, but this one is going to be entirely new material.It's short and to the point!The idea is that it is designed to guide you gently into a Hindu faith community and give you easy steps to take to get started with bringing Hinduism into your life. The second part of the book is common concerns and questions that I try to … [Read more...]

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What To Wear to a Hindu Temple

Whenever I talk about clothes, someone always mentions that Indian clothes are not the same as Hindu clothes. You don't have to wear a sari or a dhoti to be a Hindu. Which is true, of course.But it gets a little more complicated than that.Because Hinduism is so closely tied to India and became what it is within the backdrop of Indian culture, Indian clothes are pretty ubiquitous at temples. My experience has been that if I don't wear Indian clothes for worship, I feel like a tourist and … [Read more...]

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