Which Is It?

Six year old Ambaa

You may have noticed that I talk about how long … [Read more...]

Book Club: Eat, Pray, Love: Introduction-2

eat pray love

The second book in our book club series is Eat, … [Read more...]

Gita in Action: Unattachment to Reward


One of the key elements of the Gita's teaching is … [Read more...]

Karma Happens


Something that came up in our discussion group … [Read more...]

White Hindu Stereotypes

From user Igor Domsac on Flickr, Boom Festival 2008

UPDATE: I've caused some offense to my friends and … [Read more...]

Reading the Upanishads: Katha part one


First off, I have to say that last week's Hindi on … [Read more...]

Indian Grocery Stores and Awkwardness


First of all, Happy Maha Shivratri! Wish me luck … [Read more...]

A Book For Learning Pujas and Prayers

puja book

I discovered this book browsing Amazon and last … [Read more...]

Black Hindu Voices: Trent Campbell


So obviously I write this blog from my perspective … [Read more...]