No Wedding Night Sex?

Is this true? Never heard this before! "Well, the joke is on us. I belong to this curious breed called Bengalis (residents of eastern part of India) and we are forbidden from having sex on our wedding night. In fact, we can't even have sex the next night, which is called "Kaal Ratri", which roughly translate to Doomed Night. It's only on the third night that we're allowed to finally share a bed but it's awful sex because the bed is decked out in foul-smelling tuberoses, which don't preserve … [Read more...]

What is Success?


I have a view of comparison that seems kind of radical based on what I see around me. But given that my biggest struggle in life is with envy, I have tested my position many times over.I believe that comparing ourselves to others is always a mistake.It's probably pretty clear that seeing someone's Facebook-perfect life and wondering why we don't have what they have is harmful. So is comparing our spiritual progress to others.The first problem being that you don't really know the … [Read more...]

Three Lessons to Learn from Bridezillas

I may have mentioned before that my taste in TV is...well, let's just say that I love all those crazy reality shows. Especially the gossipy ones. Bridezillas has long been one of my guilty pleasures. I'm not sure why I enjoy watching it so much. I think it's just the shock that people could be so mean to their "loved" ones. It's startling!The thing that really struck me this time as I was watching it was that there is something important to learn from these women: perspective.I watch, … [Read more...]

Meet a Guru: Ram Das

Ram Das is an American Hindu (born in the Boston area, just like me!) who I think is most famous for the book Be Here Now. He's not necessarily a guru, per se, but he has taught and explained the ideas given to him by his guru and has a foundation and a following.Wikipedia quotes him as saying, "I help people as a way to work on myself, and I work on myself to help people..."BackgroundRam Das's name was originally Richard Alpert and he was born to a Jewish family in Massachusetts in … [Read more...]

Day In the Life of the White Hindu

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My life is pretty freakin awesome.Sometimes when I get overwhelmed with stupid things and get too engrossed in blowing things out of proportion, I like to take the step back and look at my life as someone from the outside would. It helps me see how wonderful things are in reality. I know that I love to read about people's day to day lives in engrossing detail. I think we all like to catch a glimpse into what other people's lives are like.So today I'm going to take you with me and give … [Read more...]

Is Mindfulness The Key to Everything?


I discovered this book about charisma when I was waiting in line at Fedex...I've always wanted to be more charismatic, so I decided to give it a try. Her premise is that the ability to command the attention of a room and to be likable in that charismatic way is not something one is either born with or not. It is a skill that can be learned. According to her, charisma is made up of three things: Presence, Power, and Warmth.She spends an awful lot of time in the book working with … [Read more...]

What is the Purpose of Life?

Ever since human beings had conscious awareness of themselves, they have wondered what purpose brought them into being. Why does life exist? What is the meaning of our lives? What are we in existence to accomplish?There have been many potential answers ranging from 42 to it's all random and consciousness is just a development of nature.Perhaps our purpose is to procreate and pass on our genes/assure the survival of our species Perhaps our purpose is to praise and worship God Perhaps … [Read more...]

To Baraat or Not To Baraat

The baraat is the procession of the groom and his family to the wedding. Often it includes riding an elephant or a white horse, being surrounded by people dancing and singing, instruments playing, to be met at the ceremony location by the bride's mother with a thali to greet him.I had not planned to do this aspect of a Hindu wedding ceremony, yet I keep on getting questions about it! It seems like everyone really wants to do this. Even those who don't know what it's called ask frequently … [Read more...]

Meet a Guru: Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna is a well known teacher from the 1800s who is often referred to as a Hindu saint. It is said that he helped start a renaissance in Hinduism.BackgroundBorn Vaishnava in 1836, he was spiritual from the time he was a child and was more interested in spiritual pursuits than a "bread winning education." He had many periods of feeling universal consciousness and getting lost in that feeling (samadhi). As a young man he began working as a priest.His family, concerned that he … [Read more...]