Prayer For Everyone

Patheos is joining in with a campaign to inspire people of all faiths to use prayer towards these three goals for the world:End Extreme Poverty Fight Inequality and Injustice Combat Climate ChangeNaturally I think it will take more than just prayer to achieve these goals, but prayer is an important part of it.My conception of prayer is that it is something that we do to purify ourselves and more clearly see the part we can play in helping the world. Towards that end we Hindus … [Read more...]

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Happy 5th Birthday, Patheos!

Having my blog here has been a great experience. I'm half way through year two and I'm so grateful for the help and support Patheos gives me as well as the opportunity to spread my wings wider and communicate with more people. Not to mention the amazing other bloggers, many of whom are famous in their faith (or lack of faith) groups. I am in fantastic company!For the four years previous my little blog got a small trickle of traffic and now the people seeing it has increased seven fold! It's … [Read more...]

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Why I Am a Hindu

We've spoken before about what makes someone a Hindu. With Hinduism really being a name for a vast variety of practices and beliefs, it is almost defined by not being anything else! As many people will tell you, it is not so much a religion as a way of life. It is who you are, not just what you do.Patheos has challenged me with another question. Why am I a Hindu?It’s difficult to parse out the reasons behind something that I feel blossomed from within me. It’s like the story about the scu … [Read more...]

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