Can Westerners Gain Enlightenment?

I know I'm always saying that in any given country or population, probably 95% of people aren't going to be strongly spiritual. I'm guessing at that number, but it seems that in the Kali Yuga very few feel the pull to chase down the mystery of what life means.So that means that in every religion and non-religion (in other words, atheists included) there are some who ask themselves the big questions about what our lives mean and others who aren't bothered by those questions. I don't think … [Read more...]

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Does Meditating Help…Other People?

A story I used to hear about meditation when I was little was that meditation was the reason the cold war never turned into a hot one. It was rumored that the Maharishi bringing meditation to the west allowed enough people to be sending peaceful vibes into the world that the war dissolved before it came to blows.I began thinking about this assertions again when I received an invitation from a fellow SES child to join a Facebook event meditating for peace in Israel and Palestine.Of … [Read more...]

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Is Christianity Peaceful? Is Peacefulness a Measure for Truthfulness?

Believing, as I do, that all religions have a core of peace and love for all humanity, I asked some people of Christian and Muslim faith to talk to me about the ways in which those religions encourage peace. Not everyone agreed with my conclusion! David French wrote a post in response to my question to say that it was wrong to equate the amount a religion is peaceful with how true it is.He says Christianity is not a religion of peace. That surprised me! From what I've heard about Jesus he … [Read more...]

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Feeling Your Feelings

I think as spiritual people, we aspire to be saints. We sometimes think that we should be able to be calm and peaceful at all times and do everything right.  Or at least, we really want to be able to.I get frustrated with myself sometimes when I am not able to always be sattvic and serene. I have this image of myself that I aspire to.But sometimes that means when I'm upset about something or feeling some other negative emotion, I might try to push it aside. "Think positive," I say. … [Read more...]

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