Why Am I Not Fully Content?

Not to brag, but my life is perfect. I have the sweetest husband, a beautiful child, a home. I'm blessed to be able to stay home to raise my son. Sometimes I look around my living room at my husband, my son, my dog and my cat and I feel so incredibly lucky. In my twenties I never thought I would have these simple things that I wanted so badly. And now here I am, living my dream.Yet in the back of my mind something constantly niggles at me.After thinking about it, I believe there are two … [Read more...]

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HabitRPG: Changing Lives

So I spoke about this a couple of times in passing, but I wanted to devote a post specifically to HabitRPG because it has done a lot to transform my life these last couple months.Here's where I was a few months ago:Lots of things I want to get done and never feeling like I quite have the time. Plenty of projects I mean to start but don't ever get around to. I wanted to be practicing my Hindi consistently. I wanted to be practicing dance every day. I wanted to go to the gym more. I wanted … [Read more...]

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