Awareness of Your Own Ethnicity

Years ago I was reading a book in the library. It was a memoir of a white man who became paralyzed as an adult. I don't remember much about the story, but one part really stuck in my mind.  He spoke of a friend of his who was black and how that friend mentioned off hand once about the feeling you always have, the awareness of your race.The author said that at the time he had no idea what his friend meant. Then he started using a wheelchair and he understood. He became a member of a minority … [Read more...]

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Russel Peters: Race and Culture

Russel Peters is an Indian stand up comic and he's got some great material. He discusses race a lot in his shows and the other day my friend and I were watching one of his routines and he started talking about how race and culture are different things. This was very interesting to me because I think I'm exactly the reverse of him. He says he felt like he was Indian until he arrived in India and it struck him just how Canadian he is. Because racially he's Indian and culturally he's Canadian. I … [Read more...]

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