What Happens When Your Duties Conflict?

A little while back I was reading an article in defense of Lord Rama. Why in defense? Because there are those who feel uncomfortable worshiping him because of what he did to his wife.(For those unfamiliar with the story, Rama's wife Sita is kidnapped and the story of the Ramayana is his quest to get her back. When he finally does, there is no way to fully prove that she has remained "unsullied" by her captor. Even though she walks through fire to prove her "purity", the people will not … [Read more...]

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Ram Navami [Hindu Holiday]

Earlier this week (April 8th) was Ram Navami, a celebration of Lord Rama. In the North people celebrate it as Rama's birthday and in the South as his wedding anniversary. Who is Rama? Rama is one of the avatars of Vishnu, just as Krishna was. His story is told in the epic The Ramayana.  To summerize the story quickly: Rama was the eldest of three sons born to the king of Ayodhya. The kings three wives all had sons, but Rama was the perfect choice for heir. He was the eldest and he was also … [Read more...]

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Meet a God: Vishnu

Vishnu is the center of the Hindu trinity. He is the preserver and it is he who comes to earth to help when the balance of good and evil in the world becomes off. He is better known in some of his other forms: Krishna and Rama.According to legend there are nine or ten total avatars of Vishnu, most of whom have already appeared. The only one left is Kalki, whose appearance will come at the end of this cycle of the world. It is not uncommon for new sects to believe that their guru is a … [Read more...]

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