The Truth About Women and Hinduism

The comments on my post Not All Religions Are The Same took an interesting turn. When I said that being Hindu is something to take pride in, some people said, well what about gang rape and poor treatment of women?So I think it is time for me to address this issue.Hindusim in no way supports the mistreatment of women. Though I say that, I don't want it to sound like I'm dismissing the real plight of women in India. There are problems and we Hindus need to step it up to deal with those … [Read more...]

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Safety in India

Today I want to talk about this article I saw on Twitter over the weekend: India and A Blonde Tourist.Lately there have been some scary articles about how dangerous it is to be a female tourist in India. This article is a wonderful counterpoint to that, speaking for the many female tourists who have a wonderful and safe time in India.She makes some wonderful points, including that in many cases the expectation you have going in is going to inform your experience.A while back there … [Read more...]

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