What is Success?

I have a view of comparison that seems kind of radical based on what I see around me. But given that my biggest struggle in life is with envy, I have tested my position many times over.I believe that comparing ourselves to others is always a mistake.It's probably pretty clear that seeing someone's Facebook-perfect life and wondering why we don't have what they have is harmful. So is comparing our spiritual progress to others.The first problem being that you don't really know the … [Read more...]

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Three Lessons to Learn from Bridezillas

I may have mentioned before that my taste in TV is...well, let's just say that I love all those crazy reality shows. Especially the gossipy ones. Bridezillas has long been one of my guilty pleasures. I'm not sure why I enjoy watching it so much. I think it's just the shock that people could be so mean to their "loved" ones. It's startling!The thing that really struck me this time as I was watching it was that there is something important to learn from these women: perspective.I watch, … [Read more...]

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Meet a Guru: Ram Das

Ram Das is an American Hindu (born in the Boston area, just like me!) who I think is most famous for the book Be Here Now. He's not necessarily a guru, per se, but he has taught and explained the ideas given to him by his guru and has a foundation and a following.Wikipedia quotes him as saying, "I help people as a way to work on myself, and I work on myself to help people..."BackgroundRam Das's name was originally Richard Alpert and he was born to a Jewish family in Massachusetts in … [Read more...]

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Day In the Life of the White Hindu

My life is pretty freakin awesome.Sometimes when I get overwhelmed with stupid things and get too engrossed in blowing things out of proportion, I like to take the step back and look at my life as someone from the outside would. It helps me see how wonderful things are in reality. I know that I love to read about people's day to day lives in engrossing detail. I think we all like to catch a glimpse into what other people's lives are like.So today I'm going to take you with me and give … [Read more...]

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