Language Learning Update

Amazingly it's been around seven years since I first started stumbling towards learning Hindi.For those who are new here is some background: my parents study Sanskrit and so I grew up with some influence of that. I knew the letters of the devanagari alphabet (which both Sanskrit and Hindi use) by the time I was in college. I knew some Vedic prayers. I had a little kid's learn Sanskrit book from the St. James school (affiliated with SES). The one I had is Stories of Krishna part one. Back … [Read more...]

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Learning Hindi

I have always wanted to be bilingual, to experience the world through more than one language. But language learning never came naturally to me. I struggled with it every time. A few years ago I decided to learn Hindi and I've been so happy with that decision!My parents study Sanskrit quite intensively and I can understand the purpose of that because they can read the scriptures in the original. But I wanted to learn a language I could speak and I really fell in love with Hindi when I heard … [Read more...]

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