Does Meditating Help…Other People?

A story I used to hear about meditation when I was little was that meditation was the reason the cold war never turned into a hot one. It was rumored that the Maharishi bringing meditation to the west allowed enough people to be sending peaceful vibes into the world that the war dissolved before it came to blows.I began thinking about this assertions again when I received an invitation from a fellow SES child to join a Facebook event meditating for peace in Israel and Palestine.Of … [Read more...]

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Meet a Guru: Mr. MacLaren

I think my theme this week is honesty. Deep, confusing, contradictory truth. I am going to tell you about the group that I grew up in today.I find that I am at a loss as to what to say. My experiences and thoughts are confused and deeply ingrained. There are things that I did not appreciate about the time I spent here, but I'm not sure it's any worse than any other organized religion.BackgroundThe story goes that Mr. MacLaren, a man of Scottish heritage living in England, wanted to … [Read more...]

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Did I Start as a Christian?

Sometimes in life we see things really simplified. But rarely are things actually that simple.When we hear about someone who isn't Indian, who grew up in America, and is now practicing Hinduism, our first thought is that person must have started out Christian or Jewish. We tend to think of the world divided between east and west and the west is all Christian and Jewish while the east is all Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist.But of course, we know that's not true.There are Indians who have … [Read more...]

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