Sringeri Week: The Shishya Sweekara

When this trip was first planned it was only to see His Holiness. It wasn't until after we had our tickets and our travel plans confirmed that the Sringeri Math put out a huge announcement...(English subtitles after the Sanskrit)  His Holiness announced that he had found a successor to the title of Shankaracharya and the ceremony that would make him officially next in line would be happening while we were in Sringeri!An amazing coincidence and a once in a lifetime opportunity. There … [Read more...]

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If You Had One Question…

It's been a long slow process for me to come to accept a guru. You guys know how much of a struggle that has been for me.  But after time, observation, and study I have come to see my parents' guru as my own. I was able to visit him in India in 2011 and I found him to be trustworthy. I'm going back to see him again this winter and I have the opportunity to ask a question.My mind boggles at the possibilities. I don't know what to ask! There are so many things I could.So I thought I would … [Read more...]

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Meet a Sage: Adi Shankara

Shankara is an enormously important figure in Hinduism, most particularly my branch of Advaita Vedanta. He was a brilliant philosopher from a young age and wrote amazing commentaries on all the Hindu scriptures in the 8th century CE.He re-energized the branch of Hinduism known as Advaita or Smartha. He believed that the ultimate reality was one of complete unity.During his young life, he traveled by foot over all of India discussing and spreading his ideas, attempting to unify Hinduism. … [Read more...]

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Meet a Guru: Bharati Tirtha

Sri Bharati Tirtha is my parents' guru. He is a Shankaracharya, which means a teacher of the way of Shankara. There are four seats in India for Shankaracharyas, one for each cardinal direction. The seats are not always filled. Sri Bharati Tirtha currently holds the seat in the south of India.A couple of years ago my family and I went to India to visit his ashram in Sringeri.He is quite a young man for a guru, but has gained great respect the world over. I heard a funny story that one of … [Read more...]

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