Watch My Daily Puja

Someone on Youtube, seeing my video of my puja for Mahashivratri, wanted me to do a video of my daily puja. So today I put that together!In the video I mention some resources for putting together your daily puja. One thing was my Puja Cards, which I created and was selling at Etsy. I closed my Etsy shop because I wasn't making enough sales to cover the fees of having listings. So instead I am offering you my Puja Cards digitally and you can download them, print them out, laminate them, and … [Read more...]

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Super Simple Daily Puja

Confession: I don't always manage a daily puja.I really want to. That's a priority in my life to get to pujas every day. I want it to always be the first thing I do in the morning. Though I have my puja cards with various pujas for different deities (and it includes a basic 16 steps that can be applied to any God or Goddess), one of the challenges is time.We're busy people and part of what gets in the way of daily puja is thinking of all the other things we have to do in the morning. Do … [Read more...]

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