Service (Seva)

Doing volunteer work to help others is called seva and I have not been doing as much of it as I would like to. Life gets busy and finding opportunities to volunteer can end up falling off the priority list.But seva is really important. It connects us to our communities and it helps us get out of our heads and stop wallowing in our inner struggles. Not to mention it actually helps others.For people like me who tend to think and write and try to change the world from behind a computer … [Read more...]

Is a Guru Necessary?


This is a subject that came up on my Facebook page recently. Do we need to have a teacher to guide our spiritual progress in Hinduism?I can definitely see how a guru or teacher would be very valuable for many people, at least for part of the journey, but I also think there are other ways to go about it. ¬†One of the things I like about Hinduism is that you do not need an intermediary between yourself and God. Because the divine is within you, you are always capable of accessing it … [Read more...]

Meditation & Me


"Meditation is the key."That's what the leader of our school used to say.I wish I could tell you that meditation has always been a peaceful and beautiful experience for me. I wish I could tell you that meditation is easy. If you've never tried it before you might see it as something incredibly peaceful. If you have tried it before, then I'd guess you've had experiences like mine.Meditation is not fun.Maybe for some people it is. For me it has always been a huge struggle and I no … [Read more...]