Miracles and Gurus

ShriBharati Tirtha on pallanquin

I think I am a great example of how important it … [Read more...]

Full Time Spiritual Life

Though I LOVED my little room at Ramanasram, I don't think I could live this way forever.

Spending two weeks with almost nothing outside of … [Read more...]

My Future Pilgrimages

I love this image of His Holiness with Adi Shankara and Lord Shiva behind him

My trip to Sringeri was life changing. It shifted … [Read more...]

Sringeri Week: The Shishya Sweekara


When this trip was first planned it was only to … [Read more...]

India Still Has My Heart

Chennai Airport

It is 3:00 in the morning here as I write this. I … [Read more...]

Meet a Sage: Adi Shankara


Shankara is an enormously important figure in … [Read more...]