Standing Still in the Midst of Action

Anyone will tell you that the modern world moves very fast. There is a frantic pace of life where no matter how much you do it is never enough.This isn't as new as we tend to think. I suspect it's been this way at least since the Industrial Revolution. We actually have more chance to relax now than we did then since now we have the concept of a weekend, we have days off.The bedrock of American culture has always been industry, hard work, pioneering, creating from nothing, pulling … [Read more...]

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How Meditation Helps Us Deal With Stress Later

When you're in the midst of all the stress of your life, will having sat still for three minutes that morning really do anything? That was hours ago!Actually, it really can! Meditation is good not just while you are doing it, but its effects ripple through your entire life. Here are some of the ways that you can use meditation to help you while you're actually living life...It allows space between moments.Usually in our lives we might become agitated, angry, or upset instantly based … [Read more...]

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GPS For the Soul

I just found out about this app called GPS for the Soul. It's quite an interesting concept! (And man, there really is an app for everything).Here's a video about it:, it gauges your stress level by taking your heart rate and then has various de-stressing methods built in like calming pictures, quotes, meditations, etc.I was giggling at the video, but you know what? I … [Read more...]

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