Support for Sami: Follow Up

A couple of months ago I asked for your help in supporting friends of mine who are going through a very difficult time with their three-year-old daughter who is fighting for her life against a heart condition.We raised some money to help her struggling family deal with the costs of nine different medications, frequent trips to a hospital in another state, surgeries, co-pays, not to mention the every day regular expenses a family has.Of the $5,000 that they have asked for (which I think … [Read more...]

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A Good Cause

As a Hindu I always try to have my eyes and ears open to the needs that arise around me. I wait for causes to come to me, because they do arise right in front of you when you're looking for them.I have a cause now that I really hope you will help me with. This one hits very close to home as a little girl I know battles for her life.For a long time the only thing we as friends of this family could do to help was pray and hope. But now we have a chance to relive a little bit of the stress … [Read more...]

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