Can Westerners Gain Enlightenment?

I know I'm always saying that in any given country or population, probably 95% of people aren't going to be strongly spiritual. I'm guessing at that number, but it seems that in the Kali Yuga very few feel the pull to chase down the mystery of what life means.So that means that in every religion and non-religion (in other words, atheists included) there are some who ask themselves the big questions about what our lives mean and others who aren't bothered by those questions. I don't think … [Read more...]

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When Did Honesty Become an Excuse to Be Mean?

The word "honest" is used in strange ways these days. When someone wants to say something cruel, they justify saying it by using honesty as an excuse. "I just have to be honest."Those who practice "radical honesty" often seem to use that to say whatever mean thing comes into their heads. Do those same people also say all the good things that come into their heads? It doesn't seem like it. To me radical honesty would involve telling people I see how much I like how they've done their hair or … [Read more...]

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