Vishnu: Everything You Need To Know

Vishnu (Vish-nuu or Wish-nuu) is another member of the Hindu trinity. It is Vishnu who represents preservation. He maintains the world and so he is very popular for woship. A branch of Hinduism views Vishnu as the ultimate Lord of all. That branch is called Vaishnava. Many people who follow Vishnu in particular are highly devotional, hence the people that you'll encounter who lose themselves in singing Hare Krishna; Hare Rama! Those are manifestations of Vishnu, the God who comes to earth and … [Read more...]

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Top Posts of July

I've seen some other Patheos writers do a summary post of their most popular posts of the past month and I thought that was a really good idea. Since I have Google Analytics on my page, I can look up and see which posts got the most attention and that should help me to learn what people are looking for so I can give you more good content.The most popular posts here for last month were:1) No Wedding Night Sex?Okay, I can see how this would draw some traffic, even though that wasn't … [Read more...]

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The Ten Avatars of Vishnu: a Guide

Avatars are not just a cartoon show or a movie or a video game persona. The word "Avatar" comes from a Sanskrit word that means "descent" and it refers to when a deity manifests in an earthly embodiment.Some believe that there is no limit to possible avatars and God will be born in the world whenever there is a severe need. People with this belief may see Jesus as an avatar, as well as many other respected spiritual teachers.Others believe in the ten avatars of Vishnu: that there are a … [Read more...]

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Meet a God: Vishnu

Vishnu is the center of the Hindu trinity. He is the preserver and it is he who comes to earth to help when the balance of good and evil in the world becomes off. He is better known in some of his other forms: Krishna and Rama.According to legend there are nine or ten total avatars of Vishnu, most of whom have already appeared. The only one left is Kalki, whose appearance will come at the end of this cycle of the world. It is not uncommon for new sects to believe that their guru is a … [Read more...]

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